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Andrew J. Kubiak,

Attorney at Law, PLLC

During my time with Wier and Associates, I also continued my pursuit of education and professional certifications.  I received my Bachelor's of Science degree in Civil Engineering as well as my Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2004 and 2007 respectively.  I was also awarded a Professional Engineer's License in 2008. 

In 2009, I left Wier and Associates and joined the United States Peace Corps.  During this assignment, I was deployed to the small island nation of Cape Verde.  While there, I taught classes in civil engineering, hydraulics and hydrology, and English as a second language for the University of Cape Verde - Department of Engineering and Marine Sciences.  I also consulted on small water infrastructure development projects throughout the archipelago. 

In 2011, I began studying at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, and later Texas A&M School of Law.  During my time there I served on various student oriented boards and served on the Texas A&M Journal of Property.  I also published an article entitled "The Floodplain Fiasco," through the Texas A&M Journal of Property.  I graduated from Texas A&M School of Law with a Juris Doctor in May 2015, and subsequently passed the Bar Exam in November 2015.  During my time at Texas Wesleyan Law and Texas A&M School of Law, I also continued my civil engineering practice.

I am currently licensed both as a registered Professional Engineer and an Attorney in the State of Texas.  

About Your Attorney

I began my professional career in the summer of 2003 working for Wier and Associates, a local land development consulting, civil engineering, and surveying firm.  I stopped working for Wier and Associates in the summer of 2009.  During this time I worked on a variety of residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal projects throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  This experience ranged from initial phases of feasibility and planning to final phases of design and construction.  I began my time at Wier and Associates working on their survey crew and rose through the ranks to become a project manager at the end of my time with them.